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Clinically validated enhanced 3D cleaning oscillates

Oral B Pro 3000 vs 1000 I don’t use the app too often, but I still enjoy my toothbrush. However, I’ve since learned that the first mode has the highest setting. The third is the most delicate, while the second functions as a midway ground. The Braun heads for these handles come in five or six different varieties. “Precise clean” refers to the smallest, roundest thing. The others—the 3d white, cross action, floss action dual clean, and clean sweep—are all oval-shaped and comprise the last group.
You can at least buy a second brush head so that I won’t have to worry about two people sharing the same toothbrush, but you don’t have to do that for it to still be just a toothbrush without any of its fantastic qualities.
For 26 months, I’ve been using this toothbrush. At this time, a charge lasts for 5 days before the light blinks, indicating a need for a recharge. For the past few months, I’ve been using the brush twice everyday for the entire two minutes each time.
Clinically validated enhanced 3D cleaning oscillates and pulses more frequently than a conventional manual toothbrush to dislodge and remove up to 300% more plaque at the gum line.
The Oral-B PRO 1000 has been clinically shown to feel cleaner than a typical manual toothbrush.
With bristles that are angled at 16 degrees to cover each tooth, the Cross Action brush head’s expertly crafted design uses a 3D cleaning action that oscillates, spins, and pulses to remove up to 100% more plaque than a typical manual toothbrush.
CrossAction, FlossAction, Precision Clean, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, Deep Sweep, and Dual Clean are just a few of its features for all dental care needs that are compatible with Oral-B brush heads.
The Daily Clean mode spins to dislodge and remove plaque, but it does not fit iO brush heads. The in-handle timer enables you to brush for the recommended two minutes while the pressure sensor stops the pulsating action if you press too hard. a soft bristle kind.

three-mode tobacco brush handle (1) Considerably Improved Daily Clean Pressure A sensor alerts you when you brush too firmly by lighting up. (2) Massage for gum health (3) The gentle mode of a procedure. With the Oral-B 3000 3D White SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, surface stains are removed, instantly lightening teeth. You may monitor your usual oral hygiene routine and connect your electric toothbrush to the Oral-B App with Oral-Bluetooth B’s technology. whitening by removing surface stains that date back to the first day. whitening by removing surface stains that date back to the first day. When it’s time to move on to another area of your mouth, a brushing timer built into the handle pulses every 30 seconds. This toothbrush will automatically order fresh brush heads whenever it needs to be replaced, ensuring that you never run out; The battery can go 10 days without recharging. Compatible with the following Oral-B brush heads: Deep Sweep, CrossAction, FlossAction, 3D White, Sensitive Gum Care, and Dual Clean. For all oral care needs.


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